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This library is used to compare two YAML or JSON files to see the differences in keys of both files. This library extends the supports to the comparison of deeply nested keys too.


In most of the projects, the problems that comes with internationalization I18n is not a day to day one. When it comes, it's a tedious and time consuming one with lot of manual work. Most of the time, developers add the keys in primary language translation file (en.yml) and leave the rest of language translations stale.

When a customer reports the inconsistencies in the translation, the tedious boring manual work of comparing these keys and finding out which translations are missing for what all languages is trusted into the hands of an unlucky developer by the Product Manager. This tool is a way to escape those situations with a bunch of commands and to enjoy rest of your day in peace.


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'compare-yml'

And then execute:

bundle install

Alternatively, you can just run the following in the terminal:

gem install compare-yml

This should install compare-yml gem in your system.


The usage of this gem is pretty simple. You don't need to have this in your gemfile to use this. An executable is already included.

So after doing installing the gem, you can directly type in

compare_yml source_file target_file

in your terminal/command-prompt.

This library is designed to work with comparing both yaml and json files. An example usage in a rails translation situation would be:

compare_yml config/locales/en.yml config/locales/de.yml

This will show you the keys which are missing from en.yml compared to de.yml and vice versa. The comparision is two way meaning, we will compare en.yml keys with respect to de.yml keys and also compare de.yml keys with respect to en.yml.

An example usage for people using translation in react app would be :

compare_yml locales/fr.json locales/en.json

You can use this for comparing translation files, as well as for any yml or json files for that matter. Do not get fooled by the examples.


Source code : Github - sony-mathew/compare-yml
Published versions: - compare-yml

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