Sony Mathew

Sony Mathew

As an engineer hailing from Kerala, India my entrepreneurial journey took a significant leap when I co-founded Marketfox, a venture that earned the distinction of being part of the YCombinator W17 batch. The experience was profoundly enriching and packed with invaluable lessons.

My tenure at Freshworks  during its nascent stage provided me with a deep dive into the workings of a SaaS business. This experience was not just enlightening but also served as a catalyst for my entrepreneurial spirit, motivating me to embark on my own venture. Presently, I hold the position of Engineering Manager at Postman, where I continue to explore and contribute to the fascinating world of technology.

My interests are broad and varied, encompassing startups, philosophy, finance, economics, science, travel, and career development. I hold a special place in my heart for open-source software, and I seize every opportunity to contribute to this community.

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I write about technology, career, travel and philosophy.